Anna Firewater is the new Betel Farm star

Betel Farm commemorates the newest acquisition ANNA FIREWATER, the newest star of our farm. STRAIT FIRE WATER by FIRE WATER FLIT with MISS VERONA ZD by MR TROUBLE FF.

MR VELEIRO ZD’s  maternal sister, Champion of  Campeão 1º Etapa do VIII Campeonato de Tambor and Baliza Região Oeste. Três Tambores (open) 25 scores Merit Register in ABQM DRINK SHADY ZD, 3rd place 30º  Potro do Futuro ABQM 2009, Três Tambores (open) 7,5 scores in ABQM. TOP VERON ZD Champion ARQM 2010 Três Tambores and Seis Balizas (open), 2 scores in ABQM  (Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Quarto de Milha).

Her mother MISS VERONA ZD, Champion of Etapas do Campeonato Regional Maneabilidade e Velocidade (youth open)  Champion IV da I Copa Multicanal (APCT) and 6 as (young). Vhampion in several parts Campeonato Regional Alta Paulista Três Tambores (amateur open young). Champion reserved Oficial Test AQHA 1999 Seis Balizas (Young) and Champion reserved Congresso ABQM QM 1998 Maneabilidade e Velocidade (Young) 52,5 scores Merit Register in ABQM and Producer.

Her second mother MISS VERONICA EW, MISS VERONA ZD producer, 52,5 scores Merit Register, KORINGA TIMES ZD, 5,5 scores in ABQM and VIRGULINO TROUBLE ZD, 3 scores in ABQM.