Skill and intelligence Quarter Horses fascinate the creator Fabio Costa

The expectation is very positive, the creation, undoubtedly, is and will remain a safe investment and high liquidity. The show of optimism about the future of the Quarter Horse is the creator Fábio Pinto da Costa, 28, owner of Rancho Montana, Ibitinga (SP).
The skill and intelligence of the race, key to success in tests of apartheid (a specialty of stock), are the features that fascinate him most, which leads to full identification with the Quarter Horse.

Fabio is the creation of Quarter Horses for 11 years, plus a flock of 50 purebred animals unique to evidence of apartheid, has five copies appaloosa and is dedicated to raising, breeding and fattening of cattle. Last year Fabio, who is also a rider, won third place in the Amateur Potro do Futuro, in Presidente Prudente, in competition sponsored by the HIP (National Association of Knights of apartheid), Shady Jay riding. In step Bauru São Paulo Championship, with the same animal, also placed third in the senior category apartheid.

The stallion That Dandy Doc, newly imported from the United States, is the newest acquisition of Rancho Montana, to improve the squad. Fabio says that "good conformation and agility" of the children of first generation That Dandy Doc, born in 1990, provide excellent indicator for the potential breeding stallion.

Fabio says that any difficulties in day-to-day can only be overcome with hard work and production, which, coupled with the growth potential of the Quarter Horse, allows you to envision "a promising future in the activity of creation." He says the current situation is favorable. "Investors are abandoned or at least diminishing the applications in the financial system." In this context, he believes, the Quarter Horse emerges as an excellent alternative "in terms of security, profitability and liquidity." The upward trend in the price of beef is for another good sign Fabio "This market has always been connected to the price of Quarter Horse," he says.

The role of the creator and interference with the associations and organizations, with criticisms and suggestions is to Fabio, the primordial evolution of the race. The APCT for him has done a great job. He points to positive aspects of the industry to promote and support evidence offered to breeders and riders. On ABQM, Fabio analtece the administrative part financial. He claims to greater integration of efforts with the ABQM individual associations, such as ANCA and ANCR, and maintain and enhance the decentralization policy, enabling the emergence of new regional associations like APCT.