Organ Newsletter of the Association of Buffalo Breeders

Traditional cattle rancher, Fabio da Costa decided to innovate for about five years, began forming his herd of buffalo, now the second largest in Brazil with 700 animals. During the growing season - April to October - the Bethel farm produces 3000 liters of milk per day, which supply to the dairy Tavollaro turn into cheese. In periods of dry season - between November and March production is between 1300 and 1500 liters of milk per day. (...)
"It's huge amount of mozzarella cheese that is produced with cow's milk and is marketed as if it was buffalo milk," says Costa. He estimates that only 10% of national consumption is legitimate buffalo mozzarella.

The good results obtained by the Bethel farm attracted the attention of neighbors who are interested in producing buffalo mozzarella. Colombia, for example, is caring for 200 animals to begin production in the country "This is the largest Brazilian export" (...).
Exports of Bethel are for CGR Biotechnology, bovine genetics company, which is introducing a dairy herd buffalo in the country. "There is already a small herd of court. Colombia now wants the production of buffalo milk. We export animals and teach a course on proper management of the herd, "says Costa.
The ABCB is grateful to the Creator Fábio Pinto da Costa, who sponsored a space in its booth where we had the opportunity to disseminate our work (...).