The history of the Agronomist Fabio Pinto da Costa´s Betel Farm is intertwined with the historic Campo Belo Farm, which belonged to his father José Augusto Pinto da Costa and acquired on1936 by his great grandfather Mr. Augusto Pinto da Costa.

Located in Ibitinga, state of São Paulo, close to other important Agribusiness centers as Bauru, Araraquara, São Carlos and Ribeirão Preto, Betel farm has as motto: “The work, complexity or difficulties doesn’t matters. Everything has to be done with affection, dedication and quality to obtain the best result”.

And so it has been: Success and recognition on all activities where Betel farm has dedicated effort. Raiser of the best available genetics of Dairy Gyr Cattle the farm has one of the country´s most selected herds, Betel is an emerging Leader that brought to the Gyr race all the experience accumulated when breeding other races.

Murrah Buffaloes raiser and recognized as expert milk genetics selector of the race the farm has been considered during several years the best breeder and country´s largest buffalo milk producer, was awarded five times, from 2000 to 2005, the prize “The Best”, promoted by the AG magazine.

Exhibitor at important trade shows as AGRISHOW in the city of Ribeirão Preto, was awarded on Animal-Tec milking tournament Grand Champion and Second Prize – 2002 promoted by UNESP (University of the State of São Paulo) and officialized by ABCB. Currently is the Latin America´s largest buffaloes exporter. On Expo-Colombia 2008 was awarded as “Year´s Best Breeder”. Thanks to Fabio Pinto da Costa´s capacity and leadership he is respected among the major breeders of the race having been Vice President of the Brazilian Buffaloes Breeders association.

With the Santa Inês sheep race the result was similar. His experience as genetics selector and investor on traditional breeds allowed Betel farm to become on a short time one of the country´s references for sheep raising, what can be proven by several prizes awarded on sheep exhibitions thanks to the herd´s quality and partnership with other breeders. Participating on the most important animal auctions and exhibitions as FEINCO has opened export opportunities of this sheep race to other countries.

On 2008 Mr. Costa on partnership with Colombian breeders inaugurated a Genetics Center in La Dorada (Caldas State / Colombia) called “Granja Ovina Santa Fé”. Along with Dairy Gyr, Buffaloes and Sheep not less important and perhaps the biggest passion is his flock of Quarter Mile Horses, a thirty years activity. Betel is also one of the traditional Quarter Horses importers from USA as well as recognized as a great genetic selector. Focused on cutting, team penning, Barrel racing and pole bending. Fabio Pinto da Costa has been Vice President and is currently the chairman of the board of the Brazilian Quarter Horse breeders association – ABQM.

In addition the farm operates a quarantine center licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Sourcing of Brazil – MAPA and has agricultural activities as sugar cane, eucalyptus, among others.

To support the livestock activities the farm also has a laboratory run by Dr. Daniele Costa – Veterinarian, equipped as a reproduction center for artificial insemination, IVF, embryo transfer, semen and embryos production and storage.

“Those who seek the Lord will lack no good”
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